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2 min readDec 29, 2021

A new, more conscious, generation of investors expects businesses to create positive impact for people and the planet.

By 2025, 1/3 of global assets under management, representing 53 trillion dollars, will be classified as “Sustainable” and “Environment, Social and Governance” — ESG — investments.

The idea of investing to make the world a better place leads to more capital being channeled towards companies with ESG ratings.

Ratings providers don’t measure the impact of a company on the world — but rather, whether changes across society and the environment pose a risk to the company’s profitability.

Although regulations are emerging that mandate disclosures, self-reported data just isn’t enough anymore.

RAZ Finance is emerging as an increasingly decentralized stakeholder engagement network. RAZ facilitates due diligence processes that track the realization of integrated economic, environmental, social and governance outcomes.

The RAZ leadership team, led by Miriam Davidovic and supported by Raphael Bitterman, Nemanja Tomanovic and Margaret Mondlane, is curating an open-source impact databank.

Impact in Action provides detailed information on how outcomes can be realized across a wide range of Impact Themes and Initiatives, inclusive of Stakeholder and Customer Engagement, direct Impact Measurement and Management related to the Environment, Workers, Customers, Community, Suppliers, as well as ESG Policy and Governance best practices.

A meaningful part of our collective work is the fact that we are tracking how centralized mission-driven companies can progressively become decentralized autonomous organizations while adapting ESG best practices to smart-contract driven transactions. Our first data tracking initiatives include DAO Support and Decentralized Impact Finance.

The community is continuously curating examples of Impact in Action across the projects managing their outcomes on our network.

By exploring these impact themes, the public and new participants will be able to see all of the work conducted by stakeholders as part of projects that have publicized their data through RAZ over time.

Companies working towards becoming a Certified B Corporation will be able to see what needs to be done in order to complete the verification process.

As more and more Project Owners choose to publicize their progress, the Impact in Action databank will continue to grow and add value to our community.

This process generates organic growth across our project’s stakeholder network. The databank facilitates engagement based on our open-source contributions to everyone and anyone seeking to learn about impact measurement and management in practice.

RAZ is transforming integrated impact-financial outcomes into assets that can be traded across a decentralized exchanges. Our team is working to create a market for verified sustainable and impact investment opportunities.

Join us to participate in the evolution of impact finance.

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RAZ catalyzes impact for everyone. Individuals can influence economic, social, environmental and governance outcomes across the evolving RAZ network.